About Us

Business Vision Network is a purpose-driven and practical small business development community . Our passion is to transform lives to create business success! We do this by providing life-changing resources to small business leaders. Please check out this About BVN Video. 


We exist to bring about LIFE transformation in business owners and leaders. We do this by igniting and sustaining purpose, inspiration, and practical development that leads to transformational world impact.


Our opportunity is to help become a solution to the problem that nearly 60% of small businesses fail within the first 4 years and that number goes up over 80% within the 10 years. Current research has identified the top three reasons for failure: 1.) Lack of meaningful purpose, 2.) Lack of foundational development, and 3.) Lack of objective help from the outside.


We see a vibrant, hopeful, life giving, and growing community of business owners and influential leaders who are committed to understanding their unique purpose and to personal growth. As a result the community and world around them is transformed.

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There are a variety of was to enter into to BVN’s life-changing community…