Our purpose-driven and practical community is made up of aspiring entrepreneurs, maturing business leaders, and seasoned professionals who are committed to helping one another succeed.  Our seasoned professionals are mostly made up of BVN Strategic Partners who are experienced coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers that can help in many your small business problems. BVN – Transforming Lives To Create Business Success!


Membership Benefits.

  • FREE 60-minute initial coaching meeting to determine how you can best maximize your membership to decide on the right track for you!
  • Monthly Teleseminars with BVN Founder interviewing experienced and seasoned leaders!
  • Monthly Build Your Business Workshops!
  • Monthly Group Problem-Solving sessions!
  • Quarterly Networking Events!
  • Discount prices to special BVN events!
  • Discount prices with Strategic Partners!
  • Access to our Strategic Partners (experienced coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers!)
  • Access to BVN’s online community!
  • Access to Experiential Leadership opportunities through BVN Community involvement!


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  • Step 1: JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! Join the BVN Family as an annual member and begin receiving benefits right away! This becomes official by  filling out our new member registration form and completing payment below.
  • Step 2: HOW CAN WE BEST SERVE YOU?  Donna Spina, one of our certified business coaches will contact you shortly to provide a FREE coaching assessment to help determine your best leadership track.
  • Step 3: OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVOLVEMENT.   Marketing Director, Liz Marvin, will be contacting you after you meet with Donna, who will help you determine how you can best use your skills, gifts, abilities to impact our community. Please choose one of these 2015 involvement areas and you will receive promotions for your team contributions. 1.) Annual ETL Leadership Conference, 2.) Philanthropy Project, and 3.) Quarterly Networking Meetings. 
  • Step 4: RESPONSIBILITIES. Stay committed to your designated track by registering for our events, following through with your specific involvement area, and participate in our overall community activities throughout the year!
  • Step 5: LEADERSHIP TRACK CERTIFICATION! Receive your official BVN Leadership certificate of completion and join us at the award ceremony in October at the ETL Leadership Conference!


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